Brewer Vacancy

30th August 2021

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Closes 17th September 2021. 

We reserve the right to close the application window early.


As a production Brewer in our team you are responsible for working with all aspects of the beer production process and managing the day-to-day operations of the brewery. The role requires a high work ethic and attention to detail to ensure quality of the brewing production process from start to finish. 

Roles and responsibilities

Your roles and responsibilities as a Brewer are varied and include: 

  • Working in the creative team to design new recipes and inform product and branding decisions. 
  • Working closely with the Head Brewer and the brew team on production planning. You will be responsible for putting the weekly and monthly production plan into action and ensuring that brewing, daily cellar work, dry hopping, packaging and other necessary tasks are completed according to plan, standards and expectations. 
  • Working closely with the Head Brewer and the brew team on selection and purchasing of raw materials. You are expected to inform the Head Brewer of purchasing requirements in advance and report any deviations in stock quantities or availability. You are responsible for day-to-day inventory control and ensuring adequate raw materials are available to meet production requirements. You may be required to lead scientific tests on the raw materials to ensure they have specific qualities necessary for beer making. 
  • Working hands-on with all aspects of the production process and managing the day-to-day operations of the brewery to ensure that the production process is running smoothly. Leading the daily monitoring of brew conditions to ensure that the production process is according to plan and brew conditions are correct and the beer is meeting specific targets. 
  • Ensuring the overall quality of the beer production process is maintained, ensuring set-points and standards are met and quality control undertaken throughout the production process. Timely reporting of any deviations to the Head Brewer.
  • Ensuring record keeping of inputs, processes and quality control measurements are maintained throughout the production process, including: quantities of raw materials used, recipes and any deviations, scientific analysis of the brew at different points and final sensory analysis and pass/fail check stops.
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean brewery to industry standards and keeping records of cleaning cycles.
  • Managing subordinate personnel and ensuring that staff are working efficiently, following operating procedures and maintaining standards. 
  • You may, from time to time, be asked to undertake deliveries and meet customers to promote the brewery and the brands. You may be asked to represent the brewery and the brands at festivals and events and give guided tours of the brewery. 
  • Maintaining Occupational Health & Safety standards of the brew team and ensuring compliance with food standards. You will ensure that staff are working in a safe environment and are following safety procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. 
  • Together with the Head Brewer, manage maintenance schedules on the production line, ensuring all equipment is maintained according to plan, reporting defects and undertaking maintenance tasks.  
  • Working with the Head Brewer to drive innovation and efficiency in the production process, inform on equipment investments and how to best increase production capability. Provide input on staff training requirements and company strategy.

Working conditions

You will spend most of your time on the production floor at the brewery on Ekerö. You may spend some time in offices and in public spaces promoting the brewery and brands. You will work in a dynamic fast-paced environment where plans may change on the fly to meet current conditions. Your working hours may vary from normal office hours depending on the brewery’s schedule and production volume. You may be required to work in shifts (early start or late finish) and may have to travel to promote the brewery and work unusual hours. The production floor can be a noisy, smelly, hot and humid environment. It can also be a dangerous environment with heavy machinery, hot liquids and forklifts moving heavy loads. You may be asked to be on call to monitor production over the weekend or fix problems that may occur at any time.

Education and work experience

As a production Brewer you will have a relevant brewer qualification and at least 1 year experience in all aspects of brewing at a commercial brewery. As a substitute for a brewer qualification, you will have a proven track record of work experience showing you can perform your roles and responsibilities as a Brewer. 

You should have experience of working in teams, have strong problem solving skills, practical hands-on skills and in-depth knowledge of beer science. You should have experience in brewery software and keeping records for quality control. 

Finally, you should be an all around good person, be a passionate advocate for craft beer and promote a respectful, open and all-inclusive culture in the industry. 

Cheers to that!